• Pressing Matters: All About Letterpress Printing

    Welcome to MadexHand, a letterpress printing company dedicated to preserving the art and craft of traditional letterpress printing. In a world where printed materials are plentiful and often indistinguishable, MadexHand offers quality and hand-crafted pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. In this ... View Post
  • What Exactly is Traditional Letterpress Printing?

    Letterpress is a traditional printing technology invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. It became available for commercial printing in 1445 and continued to dominate the printing industry until the turn of the 20th century. In the mid 1900s, offset printing was introduced and became the favoured... View Post
  • Choosing the Right Type of Paper for Your Event

    Choosing the right paper stock for your event is an art like no other. The paper you print an invitation on says a lot about you and your brand and speaks volumes about the quality of the event and the caliber of your guests. The right paper stock goes a long way in effectively showcasing your pr... View Post